Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

Do Not File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer

If you are thinking about filing for Bankruptcy, or have decided to file for Bankruptcy, it is highly recommended you use a lawyer.  Do not go it alone with something this important.  If you don’t prepare your schedules correctly, your case may simply be dismissed, or worse, the trustee may take you assets.  In this site’s opinion, the risks of filing pro se (without a lawyer) greatly outweigh the benefit of saving a little money.

Does the Lawyer Offer Free Consultations?

Almost all Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers will meet with you at least once for free.  If the lawyer you call does not offer a free consultation, just say “thank you” and call the next one.  You are already in a financial strain and do not need to pay to sit in a lawyers office.

Meet with the Attorney

When you go in for your free consultation, pay close attention to the way you are treated.  Did you actually get to meet with a professional attorney, or did they sit you down at a table with a paralegal?  Did the lawyer take time to listen to your situation, or did they just start talking about bankruptcy laws?  Did you feel comfortable?  Did they answer all your questions?  Did you feel like you could work with this firm for the next few months (or years)?

Research the Bankruptcy Lawyer

Go online and do a little research.  Are former clients of this lawyer complaining about he or she on chat forums?  Does the lawyer have a reputation of not returning client phone calls?  Has this lawyer ever been disciplined by the state bar?  Go check out the lawyer’s website.  Is it a professional looking website?

You Get What You Pay For

Let’s face it… When money is already tight, price matters.  That being said, you should not hire the cheapest bankruptcy attorney you can find.  That is a recipe for disaster.  You should hire an attorney that you feel comfortable with, that will return your phone calls, and that will get the job done correctly.  You should ask the lawyer about payment plans.  Many attorneys offer payment plans which can make the process more affordable.